EMINOR Records
Founded by Jonas Wahrlich in the summer of 2006, Eminor initially sought to publish a wide variety of repetitive music with some kind of relation to the key e-minor. As the frequency of releases increased, the tonal restriction was handled more leniently and the musical focus moved towards deep and minimal techno. However, a musical relation to e-minor itself is still appreciated and the label continues to release instrumental solo songs from time to time. Having its roots in Hamburg’s electronic scene, the label quickly evolved as an international melting pot for contemporary electronics and has built up a strong network of mutual inspiration.


DER HUT Records

Eminor’s younger sister was set up in 2008. DER HUT is a platform with the aim to channel the more technoid, deep and straight-forward side of the Hamburg based conglomerate. Meaning „the hat“ and on-„guard“ likewise, DER HUT tries to participate in devolping further its hometown as a hub for  cutting edge electronic music.

EMINOR binary

Eminor binary is the digital subsidiary of the Eminor flagship. It has been created to add a quicker and more flexible way in releasing outstanding music. Whereas Eminor follows a very focussed and pretty narrow musical style, EB will have a totally open approach and thereby will be the one that may surprise you with what you hear from time to time.

DER traegerlose HUT

DER traegerlose HUT supplies the digital techno crowd with “carrier-less” HUT quality techno since summer 2010. Its sound aesthetics are as pushing, focussed and tidy as of DER HUT’s physical branch: Radically reduced and monumental.


With our youngest born sublabel, Eminor is leaving the beaten track and turns directly into the obscure wilderness of experimental and non-functional sound. It will open a strange playground for all aspects of contemporary electronics from Dada to Noise, from pure soundscapes to Neo-Kraut, from extreme Minimalism to bizarre rythmic patterns. Our output shall allow immersed and focussed indulgence as much as it might brutally stretch your nerves with unsettling any listening habits.

Eminor Rescue Mission

EMINOR RESCUE MISSION was kind of a special purpose vehicle. It was created to ensure the survival of EMINOR and DER HUT Records. Both labels were in between the many adorable imprints hit by NEUTON’s insolvency in December 2008. After selling a considerable bunch of our productions, all of which were to be financed by the revenue, the distributor collected the earnings and then filed for bancruptcy. In the end, this meant that the money was lost for us. The RESCUE MISSION gave us some financial leeway, with the help of many admirable and outstanding artists, to enable us continuing what started in 2006.

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